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World of Inverters & UPS

In a world of bestowed with power cuts, it is inverters & UPS that come to the rescue. Over the years, the back-up power solutions have evolves. Inverters in conjunction with batteries and generators were the first set of options that consumers had for power failures. But these generators use fossils fuels, causing pollution. this technology is now focusing on ways and means to reduce emission levels. Inverters are a much simpler from which provides back-up support using the battery as a source of power back-up. The first generation of inverters delivered a square wave output which was then followed with the modified sine wave. The old generation inverters evolved into the new generation sine wave UPS. The sine wave UPS delivers a sine wave output which is equivalent to the power supply from electricity board.

Evolution of Tribal Italia

Tribal Italia is a practical product solution, evolved from the experiences of Indian consumer. A high profile techno design team from Amara Raja Electronics initiated a nation wide survey on the available range of inverters and UPS in the market. The survey parameters included performance, ease of use, aesthetics, and maintenance/battery management. The feedback was classified into the structural, mechanical and electrical/electronic categories and specific team worked to deliver the best of solutions in each category. Thus was born an envious, revolutionary Italian design of UPS where finesse meets functionality.

About Tribal Italia

Tribal Italia is a design marvel in the UPS category that incorporates the best of class UPS technology with a touch of Italian design brilliance. It has looks that leave you speechless and is available in the choicest of white & black colors.

The revolutionary aspects of Tribal Italia pure sine wave UPS are:

Portable anytime, anywhere UPS for home

When most inverters & UPS are kept hidden below staircase or in lofts, Tribal Italia is an object of envy in the living room. It gives you the freedom to move it anytime and anywhere within your house. Tribal Italia is not only a power back-up UPS, but also a portable source of back-up power. It has additional output sockets in the rear. You can move it to your garden or terrace when you have a party or a gathering where you are in need of a back-up power source.

Envious Italian Design – finesse meets functionality

The age of box type inverters & UPS are over. The new age Tribal Italia UPS blends together superb functionality, magnificent elegance & outstanding aesthetics. Tribal Italia brings a revolutionary change, in the way UPS looks and performs. It has a thoughtfully designed soft glow LED that illuminates during power cut.

Cradle Rocker System for battery management

From the day inverters & UPS evolved, battery was an independent unit. Tribal Italia breaks the barrier in design thought by fusing together the control system and battery into one unit. The castor wheels allow easy portability. It just doesn’t stop there, but, it incorporates a Cradle Rocker System, by which the main unit can be rocked to the front to reveal the battery inside. This concept gives ease of access to battery for installation, maintenance and replacement.

Fast charge solution for frequent power-cuts

Most households across India face frequent power cuts. This means lesser time to recharge your batteries. Select the quick charge mode for a fast charge solution. You would appreciate the practical thought behind this gadget.

Pure sine wave output with i-DSP technology protects gadgets

Tribal Italia range of UPS incorporates the unique i-DSP technology designed and developed by Amara Raja electronics Limited. It is equipped with an instant change over, the moment there is a power break-down which means there is total convenience to continue operating your fans, tube light, computer, television home theaters, mixer grinder and refrigerator. Life doesn't come a stand still when you have Tribal Italia in your home.

My Italia

You can now design & decide of how tribal Italia looks. This can be done in 3 easy steps

  • Step 1: Log on to and register.
  • Step 2: go to section "My Italia". Select design of your choice from a list of pre-determined design options. Click preview to view Tribal Italia with your choice of design. (Note: You also have the option of uploading the design of your choice)
  • Step 3: Pay online for this Tribal Italia merchandise. You will receive a confirmation mail. The Tribal Italia merchandise you selected shall be sent to your confirmed address within 15 days. For more details visit our website.
Load Chart

Tribal Italia 650Tribal Italia 800
Loadoption 1option 2LoadOption 1Option 2
Tube Light23Tube Light34

Tribal Hi-backup battery

Selecting the right UPS system does not complete your search for a total power back up solution. you need to select the right UPS batteries. Your search for UPS batteries ends here. Tribal brings to you a wide range of Ultra Low maintenance Tribal hi-backup batteries. It incorporates a patented hybrid alloy system which minimises water loss and hence no frequent top ups. The unique paste formulation enables quick charging of battery and also a higher back up. Tribal hi-backup batteries are manufactured in state of art plant of amara Raja Batteries which manufactures world renowned amaron range of batteries

The models include : 100AH, 140AH & 160AH. The batteries come with a warranty of 18 months.
tribal tribal
Tri Care

Tribal iACE pure sine wave UPs is backed by a sophisticated and systematic real world service support brought to you by Tri Care.

The misssion of tri Care is to be the most reliable consumer service provider in the field of consumer power solutions by leveraging on quality, on time service support and industry best practices to achieve customer delight. With a passion for customer satisfication, respect for and responsiveness to the customers need and with a commitment to continual improvement, Tri Care focuses on delivering a comportable & positively long lasting tribal brand experience.

Tri care also brings to you Tri care personal assist. If you wish to plan power back-up for your home, our team of professionals bring modern gadgetry to check power system health and guide you to select the right system. All this happens within your home with just a call.

In case you need any assistance or to locate your nearest tri care to get your product services, call our Tri Care consumer care number 1800 425 3838 (toll Free) or email You also have the choice of going back to your Tribal outlet from where you have purchased the product, for service.

Tribal Italia Warranty

Tribal iACE comes with 2 years warranty. This warranty covers the electronic components and not the plastics. For a detailed understanding of warranty terms, we request you to go through the warranty card upon purchase

Did you Know?
  • while cooking, your mixer grinder doesn't come to a stand still due to power cut. When you have Tribal Italia in your home, just move your Tribal Italia to the kitchen or bring your mixer grinder to where Italia is, just plug in to the power outlet and continue grinding/cooking.
  • Let not power cuts distrupt your child's education. Just plug your portable fan & Tribal Life LED Emergency Lantern to the power outlet in Tribal Italia. The breeze of air and the spread of light makes studying pleasent & complete.
  • Don't let power cuts distrupt your cricket match or favourite blockbuster movie. Just plug your television to the power outlet and continue watching. That's what we call Tribal Itali entertainment at its best.
  • Tribal Italia is packed & shipped using biodegradable packaging. We care for the environment and are concerned about it.