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Tribal iACE

Power cuts will never distrubt your daily routine any more. Keep your home, office or business buzzing 24×7 with powerful and smart tribal iACE. A ready power source at hand any time you need it.

Tribal iACE is a Pure Sine Wave UPS that incorporates the unique i-DSP technology, which senses the absence of utility /main power and automatically provides pure power for all your electrical/electronic gadgets to function without a break.

Tribal iACE is designed to prevent blackouts, brownouts, sags and surges (voltage transients) from reaching your electrical, electronic gadgets including your computers and other critical equipment. It filters small utility line fluctuations and isolates your equipment from large disturbances by internally disconnecting from the utility line.

Key Benefits
  • Pure Sine Wave Output with --DSP technology protects gadgets
  • Quick/Normal charge mode ideal for frequent power cuts
  • suitable for extremes of climate across country. Wide operating temperature (-250C to +550C)
  • In-built intelligent charger increases battery life
  • Battery low / Over load indicators and short circuit protection
  • One India warranty
Diverse Range

The range of tribal iACE UPS includes 400VA, 650VA, 800VA & 1400VA which comes with 2 years warranty . Available in 2 colour options Black & White. All products are manufactured in an IsO 9001 certified facility.


Residential: Computer, TV (CRT/LCD/Plasma), DVD, DTH, Music system, Tube light, CFL, Fan, Refrigerator

Small Office Home Office: Computer, Inkjet Printer, Fax machine, Scanner, Tube light, CFL, Fan

Load Chart
LoadTribal iACE 400Tribal iACE 650Tribal iACE 800Tribal iACE 1400
 opt 1opt 2opt 1opt 2opt 1opt 2opt 1opt 2
Tube Light12234344

Tribal Hi-backup battery

Selecting the right UPS system does not complete your search for a total power back up solution. you need to select the right UPS batteries. Your search for UPS batteries ends here. Tribal brings to you a wide range of Ultra Low maintenance Tribal hi-backup batteries. It incorporates a patented hybrid alloy system which minimises water loss and hence no frequent top ups. The unique paste formulation enables quick charging of battery and also a higher back up. Tribal hi-backup batteries are manufactured in state of art plant of amara Raja Batteries which manufactures world renowned amaron range of batteries.

The models include : 100AH, 140AH & 160AH. The batteries come with a warranty of 18 months.
Tribal iACE Trolley

You have the choice to opt for tribal iACE trolley. Trolley is not part of standard equipment. Tribal iACE trolley is:

  • 100% steel; 0% plastic
  • 4 wheel system for easy maneuverability
  • Corrosion free & long lasting trolley body
  • Safe & rugged design

Tri Care

Tribal iACE pure sine wave UPs is backed by a sophisticated and systematic real world service support brought to you by Tri Care.

The misssion of tri Care is to be the most reliable consumer service provider in the field of consumer power solutions by leveraging on quality, on time service support and industry best practices to achieve customer delight. With a passion for customer satisfication, respect for and responsiveness to the customers need and with a commitment to continual improvement, Tri Care focuses on delivering a comportable & positively long lasting tribal brand experience.

Tri care also brings to you Tri care personal assist. If you wish to plan power back-up for your home, our team of professionals bring modern gadgetry to check power system health and guide you to select the right system. All this happens within your home with just a call.

In case you need any assistance or to locate your nearest tri care to get your product services, call our Tri Care consumer care number 1800 425 3838 (toll Free) or email You also have the choice of going back to your Tribal outlet from where you have purchased the product, for service.

Tribal iACE Warranty

Tribal iACE comes with 2 years warranty. This warranty covers the electronic components and not the plastics. For a detailed understanding of warranty terms, we request you to go through the warranty card upon purchase.

Technical Specifications
Specific ParametersUPS ModeNormal Mode
1. Voltage  
-Mains AC lower voltage cut180±5V100±5V
-Mains AC lower recovery190±5V110±5V
-Mains AC higher voltage cut265±5V280±5V
-Mains AC higher voltage cut255±5V270±5V
2. Battery charging voltage range180 AC to 265V AC110V AC to 280V AC
3. Output voltage without load230±3V230±3V
4. Change over time< 10 milli-secapprox. 25 milli-sec
5. Battery Charging400VA650VA800VA1400VA
No. of BatteriesSingleSingleSingleDouble
Quick charging Current5±1 amps11±1 amps12±1 amps12±1 amps
Normal Charging Current5±1 amps8±1 amps9±1 amps9±1 amps
Boost Charging Voltage14.4±0.2 V Per battery (Same in quick charge & Normal charge)
Float Charging Voltage14.8±0.2 V Per battery (Same in quick charge & Normal charge)
Battery lower voltage cutt-off10.2±0.2 V (Per battery)
Charging Methodology1Constant current followed by constant voltage
6. Output Wave formPure sine wave
7. Output frequencySame as input when AC mains available & 50.0 ±0.5 Hz on UPs
8. EfficiencyAC to DC : >95‰ & DC to AC : >80‰
9. Operating Environment-25° C to + 55° C
10. LED indicationsMains, Charging, UPS ON, Low battery & Over load
11. Audible alarmLow battery, over load & short circuit
12. Protections 
Overload100±5‰ load on UPS (auto reset if reduce the load with 3 re-tries
Over ChargeProtects the battery from overchanging by controlling the charging current & Voltage.
short CircuitShutdown when AC mains is not there and AC fuse blown when AC mains is available (Manual reset)
Thermal ShutdownAbove 93°C inside the unit
Battery reverse polarityProtects the UPS and DC fuses blown on PMB
Battery deep dischargeProtects the battery from deep discharge having cut-off at 10.2 ± 0.2 V