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PRICE LIST | V-Guard Inverter Price in Chennai

V-Guard Inverter Price in Chennai HOME UPS AND BATTERIES
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Square Wave UPS
V-Guard Ei Power 600VA Square Wave Inverter600VA5990450024 Months
V-Guard Ei Power 800VA Square Wave Inverter800VA7190580024 Months
V-Guard Ei Power 1400VA Square Wave Inverter1400VA8500750024 Months
Sine Wave UPS
V-Guard DU 600VA Sine Wave Inverter600VA7890640024 Months
V-Guard DU 875VA Sine Wave Inverter875VA9250720024 Months
V-Guard DU 1000VA Sine Wave Inverter1000VA10750820024 Months
V-Guard DU 1500VA Sine Wave Inverter1500VA11990995024 Months
V-Guard VT 12V 80AH Tubular Battery80AH9990910018+12 Months
V-Guard VT 12V 100AH Tubular Battery100AH119901050024+12 Months
V-Guard VF 12V 135AH Tubular Battery135AH107501010018+06 Months
V-Guard VT 12V 135AH Tall Tubular Battery135AH149901410036+18 Months
V-Guard VT 12V 150AH Tubular Battery150AH119901150018+12 Months
V-Guard VT 12V 150AH Tall Tubular Battery150AH164901490024+12 Months
V-Guard VT 12V 180AH Tubular Battery180AH169901550036+18 Months
V-Guard VT 12V 180AH Tall Tubular Battery180AH189901799036+18 Months

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