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Specially Designed For Computer & IT Related Products

  • Highly efficient MOSFET technology
  • Over Temperature protection
  • Reverse phase protection
  • Silent operation
  • Battery Fuse Blown display
  • Selector switch for Normal / UPS mode
  • Normal / High Charging Option
  • High surge load capacity
  • Wide input voltage range
  • Battery High Protection

Pure Sine Wave Output


Parameters 600VA 800VA 1400VA
DC Voltage 12V 12V 24V
Battery rating (3hrs) backup 12V/130AH x 1 12V/160AH x 1 12V/160AH x 2
Battery rating (2hrs) backup 12V/100AH x 1 12V/130AH x 1 12V/100AH x 2

Load Chart

Rating 600VA 800VA 1400VA
  Chart A Chart B Chart C Chart A Chart B Chart C Chart A Chart B Chart C
Fan 2 3 2 3 4 3 4 5 6
Television 1   1    2 1 1
Tubelight 3 4 3 4 6 4 6 8 6
PC    1    1 111

DSP Sine Wave Static UPS 2.5KVA,3.5KVA and 5KVA





Crompton Greaves Limited

Technical Specifications

Description 2.5KVA 3.5KVA 5KVA
Back-up Mode
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Nominal Battery Voltage 48V DC 48V DC 96V DC
Output Power Factor 0.8
No Load O/P Voltage 220V±5V AC
O/P Frequency 50Hz±1Hz
Maximum No load Batt. Current 1.1A±0.2 A
Full Load O/P Current 8.7A±0.5 A 11.5A±0.5 A 17A±0.5 A
Total Harmonic Distortion <3%
Low Battery Indication 10.5V+/-0.2V DC Per Battery(12V DC Each)
Low Batt. Cut off 10.3V+/-0.2V DC Per Battery(12V DC Each)
Mains Mode
Max. Charging Current 10A±1A
Full Load O/P Current at Mains Mode 15A±1A 17.6A±1A 25A±1A
Boost Charging Voltage 10.5V+/-0.2V DC Per Battery(12V DC Each)
Float Charging Voltage 13.7V+/-0.2V DC Per Battery(12V DC Each)
Noramal Mode
Input Voltage Range 100V to 280V AC±10V AC 125V to 280V AC±10V AC
Change Over Time(mains to inverter) <40ms
Change Over Time(mains to inverter) <25ms
UPS Mode
Input Voltage Range 180V to 260V AC±5V AC
Change Over Time(mains to inverter) <10ms
Change Over Time(inv. to mains) <10ms
Protections Output Not Ok,Battery Voltage Low(4 Auto Retries),Over Load(6 Auto Retries)
Battery Over Charge,Over Temperature,Short Circuit,Mains MCB Tripped
Displays Welcome Message,Cpacity,Output Voltage,Output Frequency,Load Percentage
Input Voltage and Frequency,Load Percentage,Load Percentage,Battery Charging,Battery Voltage,and All Protections..
Environmental Parameters
Operating Temperature 0-45Deg.
Acoustic Noise at 1 Mtr. <45 dB.
Relative Humidity Max 95% non-Condensing
Thermal Management Integrated Cooling(Fan & Heat Sink)
Weight and Dimensions
With Packaging LXWXH in mm 470x440x610 470x440x610 500x495x660
Without Packaging LXWXH in mm 310x290x450 310x290x450 350x300x540
Net Weight 29Kg 36Kg 54Kg
Gross Weight 36Kg 39Kg 58Kg

Load Chart

Load 2.5KVA 3.5KVA 5KVA
  Chart1 Chart2 Chart3 Chart1 Chart2 Chart3 Chart1 Chart2 Chart3
Fans 4 12 8 6 18 10 10 8 3
Tube Light 4 12 8 6 18 10 10 8 3
Computer with
CRT Screen
4   2 6   3   8 3
TV   3 2   3 3      
Air Conditioner             1   1