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Powercut Problems

APC, the global leader in power protection introduces the most reliable Home - UPS.

Get it today and say goodbye to power cuts!

Provides maximum benefits

  • World class tele support, 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • 2 Year / 24 month Onsite Replacement Warranty on Home - UPS
  • 18 month Onsite Replacement Warranty on battery supplied by APC
  • Silent operation4 Free Preventive Maintenance Visits for the battery supplied by APC during the 10 month warranty period
  • Lightest in its class, compact and aesthetically designed
  • Child and shock proof features offering complete safety
  • Supports switchover time for computers
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Bring Home an APC Home - UPS

More benefits

  • Automatic changeover from Mains to UPS mode in less than 20 milliseconds
  • Operates on wide input voltage
  • High & Low input voltage protection for connected equipment
  • Battery recharges even at very low input voltage
  • A built - in holiday mode switch prevents battery discharge when not in use for a long time
Back up Time Chart
BI 1000I
Up to 1 hr 45 min
Up to 2 hrs
Up to 2 hrs 40 min
Up to 5 hrs
Up to 5 hrs
Up to 6 hrs 40 min
Up to 11 hrs 15 min
Up to 11 hrs
Up to 15 hrs 45 min

* Subject to Home - UPS battery being fully charged. Backup times with 100AH batteries.


1000VA / 660W
800VA / 500W
600VA / 360W
Output wave form
Pure Sine wave
Square wave
Square wave
Voltage on Mains
100 - 270V
100 - 265VAC
v100 - 270VAC
47 - 53Hz
47 - 53Hz
47 - 53Hz
Voltage(on Battery)
210V + / - 10%
170 - 275VAC
170 - 260VAC
Frequency(on Battery)
50Hz + / - 1%
50Hz + / - 1%
50Hz + / - 1%
Transfer Time
<20 milli seconds
<20 milli seconds
<20 milli seconds
Over Load Indication
100% for 60 seconds, Indications Via LED & Audible alarm with 3times restart
Constant Power, 2 step charging Input voltage range 100 - 270V
Short circuit protection
Multiple short circuit protection provided
Overload, short circuit, low battery

Over charge, Main slow & High input voltage


Bring Home an APC Home - UPS

APC's B1850SINE Home-UPS is a convinient way to keep your lights,fans and sensitive electronics running during power cuts.Eliminate the inconvenience that a loss of mains power brings,and cotinue your daily routine without distribution.Designed specifically for india,s harsh power conditions,the B1850Sine's state-of-the-art circuitry delivers backup power instantly,and it also recharges your battery faster,so you get the longest possible battery life.For a complete system, connect the Home-UPS to an APC battery and trolley(both sold seperately)and enjoy the security of uninterruptedpower for your home or business.

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Product Features:

  1. High Quality Sine Wave Output-eliminate humming and heat generated when powering tubelights and fans.

  2. LED Indicators-provide easy-to-read status of your power conditions.Home-UPS and battery.

  3. Home/Away Switch - keeps your battery changed when you're away,and prevents needless discharges.

  4. Inteeligent Battery Charging- Microprocessor controlled,3-stage regulated charging ensures the fastest recharge times without decreasing battery life.

  5. Wide Input Voltage Window- saves your battery power for when you really need it- during power cuts!

  6. UPS/INVERTER Switch- lets you power computer systems as well as lights,fans and televisions.

  7. Charger Output Selector- matches the battery charger output to your spcific battery,ensuring the longest possible battery life by preventing under and over-charging.

  8. Battery Input Fuses- Protect against installation mishaps.

  9. Advanced Safety Features- safeguard your Home-UPS and battery.

  10. Push Button Circuit Breaker- provides easy recovery from an overload while on mains power.

  11. Generator Compatability- allows you to recharge your battery while on generator power